The artist takes each and every appointment very seriously & hopes you will consider all standards & regulations prior to booking your appointments.All cosmetic tattoo service deposits are non refundable and non transferrable. A 3 hour time slot is taken for each appointment, in which a thorough consult, detailed shaping and quality service is provided,  so the artist asks each client to be sure of their decision in booking with us before booking this appointment. Cosmetic Tattooing sessions may be rescheduled a minimum of 7 days before the service, ONE time.Any cancellations after booking, and the deposit is forfeited.  We at Glam Body keep the deposit price minimal to allow clients an easy booking process, and because of this policy we ask that you as a client respect our policies.Thank you for understanding. To view all cosmetic tattooing policies please visit our full policies tab under cosmetic tattooing.

If you need to reschedule an already existing appointment, you can carry your deposit over to the new appt. 1 time within 10 days.A minimum 48 HOUR NOTICE IS REQUIRED TO CARRY OVER THE DEPOSIT. However, if you r/s more than the 1 time, you will be required to pay another deposit. Please fill out the required consent form below, BEFORE your appointment. 

SUGARING CLIENTS: Due to the intimate nature of some our services, please arrive at your appointment freshly bathed. We do supply sanitary wipes to freshen up before your service, while getting undressed.

All sugaring clients must have a minimum of  2-3 weeks of hair growth for full hair removal. If you are unsure of how much hair you need for each particular service, please read our sugaring FAQ's, call, text or email us and we will be happy to help guide you. If you book this service, and do not have the required hair growth, we will either remove what we can(if possible)  or your appointment will be cancelled and deposit forfeited and you will have to reschedule your appointment again. Our time as well as yours in valuable,  and we thank you for your understanding.

 **Due to the nature of this treatment we must take into consideration the safety of our therapists and expect professional behavior on the part of our clients. If at any point inappropriate comments or actions occur on the part of the client, the therapist will abruptly end the treatment. In these cases the client will be asked to leave the premises and payment in full will be taken from the card used to secure the booking. We would not rebook this client for future appointments and may notify the police if appropriate. The client will be asked to sign a form upon arrival declaring that they are aware of this policy.

CONSENT FORMS: All Consent forms are located on the bottom of this page. To make your appointment run as smoothly as possible, please fill out the corresponding  form prior to your appointment.

 LATE POLICY:  We at Glam Body offer a courtesy 15 minute grace period for our guests. Running over this time not only disrupts your service, but runs into the next clients service and that is not fair to them.  We pride ourselves in giving personalized 1 on 1 luxury service to each and every client, every time. It also adds unnecessary stress to your esthetician to finish your service in time. When your late, a few things will happen.

If you're very late (over 15 minutes) your appointment will be cancelled ( you will be notified via our online system through text) and not rescheduled and your deposit will be forfeited. You can book another appointment online.

If you're late (within 15 minutes) you will be told your service will be cut short, and you will still be charged for the service you booked.

We do have some services that are only 15 minutes, so please be courteous to not only our staff, but to the client scheduled immediately after you.We offer this 15 minute grace period as a courtesy, and as a cherished client, should be used sparingly. Please let us know if you think you will be running late within a reasonable time frame, so we can try to accommodate you as best we can.


If you have booked one service, and decide you want to change the service please let us know a minimum of 48 hours in advance, so we can make the appropriate time slot changes needed to accommodate our clientele and help your service run smoothly. If you fail to let us know beforehand, you will still be responsible for your scheduled appointment fee, plus any services added. 



When you book an appointment with us, your specified date and time slot are reserved especially for you. This means there will rarely be a wait time. We do not double book, or have a wait list. ALL services require a deposit to hold your time slot. This is to ascertain you are serious about your appointment. All deposits made online are through a valid credit card or debit card. All deposits are applied to your scheduled appointment, and include tax.Upon completion of your service, the remaining balance plus tax is due. If you would prefer to leave a cash deposit, you can visit our boutiques during business hours, and we will be happy to help you. In the event you no show, cancel or reschedule your upcoming appointment after our time boundary (48 hours for esthetic services, 7 days for cosmetic tattooing) your deposit fee will be forfeited.


As a Courtesy we send out system generated emails & texts after booking your appointment and 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. These courtesy emails and texts are system generated and NOT guaranteed. It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with your appointment!

If you are more than a 15 minutes late to your appointment and do not call before the 15 minute mark, you will be refused and your deposit forfeited. You will need to leave a new deposit to schedule your next appointment. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!


We reserve the right to refuse our services.


Prices are subject to change at any time.



Lash Lifts are done on REAL lashes, that are alive and a part of the human body. Natural Lashes are not lash extensions and therefore we can only work with what you have. Due to the fact that lashes are a part of your living breathing body, immune system, diet and hormones all effect how your lash lift will take, As technicians, we have no idea prior to your lash lift how your body will assimilate the product. Some lashes may lift more than others, and differently on each side and has to do with your own chemical makeup. Please look over your lash lift ( and tint) completely upon completion, as upon your approval, service will be over and we will not do any do overs as it will cause your lashes to be compromised. ALL RESULTS VARY. We will take before and after pictures to show you your immediate result.  Lash lifts are NOT TO BE WET for 48 hours, doing so can make them to go straight or even get wavy, Please follow our aftercare completely.


 Only 40-60%  percent of the pigment will retain on the skin after the treated area has healed therefore we highly recommend booking a touch up appointment to ensure results. On the rare occasion a client may need a third session due to having a skin type that is more resistant to the implantation of pigment or from incorrect aftercare, and the client will be charged accordingly . 

To ensure you are satisfied with your service we request that you carefully look at the shape and color before we start the service. Once the decision is made, the look you chose will be final. After leaving our boutique we are not responsible or liable for any changes you wish to make to your shape or color so please make sure you are final with your decision. Any desired changes made to the shape or color after leaving our boutique will result in extra charges. After your service, you will be given a lighted LED mirror and ample time to review the work completed, any additional changes must be expressed during your appointment time. We will not carry out any additional work until 28 days have passed from your appointment, as scarring of the skin will occur.

During your touch-up I will only touch up what needs to be darker to improve the evenness of color throughout the brow. This touch-up does not cover changing the shape of your brows in any way, shape, or form. If you would like to change the shape of your enhancement during your touch up appointment you will be have pay for the services accordingly.


We cannot guarantee successful result on 100% of our clients because everyone's skin takes differently to permanent make up. There are also no refunds as we have carried out the service. Please read our FAQ's thoroughly under the cosmetic tattooing tab to see if you're  a candidate.


Microblading Touch Up Appointments must be booked 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment.If you go over the 8 week mark, you will be charged a $25 fee per month after your required touch up date. Cosmetic Tattooing is not complete until you finish your touch up/ perfecting session.All Pricing is subject to increase without notice, and to lock in pricing, we suggest booking your touch up directly after your initial session in suite.Touch up services are touch ups of any area that is within the original shape you chose at your first session. 

Powder and Ombre Touch Ups can be delayed up to 4 months after the initial service date. 

GUEST POLICY: Please come to your scheduled appointment alone. No other person will be allowed into the treatment room other than the scheduled client, and their technician. We have limited space and seating, and can only accommodate 1 scheduled client per appointment.  Children are not allowed at the boutique, due to our insurance policy. Thank you for understanding,



All services provided are non-refundable.