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T H E     G L A M     V - P E E L


         Hollywood's  Best  Kept  Secret

Glam Body Sugaring Boutique now offers our exclusive Glam V- Peel Treatment for those who need some tender loving care and brightening to their delicate intimate areas. This service differs from our extremely popular Intimate Brightening service and Hollywood Vajacial in that it features a fruit based skin peel. This gentle yet effective peel works wonders. Although most men and women suffer from a darker intimate area region, it is aesthetically unappealing. We at Glam Body are committed to helping you love the skin your in, and with our professional intimate lightening treatments and at home care the areas can be successfully lightened. Keep in mind, hyperpigmention of the intimate areas are one of the toughest skin conditions to reverse, so diligent commitment to a package of 4 to 6 treatments are highly recommended. Clients suffering from diabetes, lupus, genital warts, herpes simplex, or psoriasis are not ideal candidates, as well as pregnant and lactating women. Intimate area darkening can be caused by genetics, ethnicity, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, skin type and predisposed conditions. It is important no matter what your skin tone, to follow our directions completely for the best possible outcome. We advise booking a consult to start, and at your consult purchasing your peel or package of peels, scheduling an in suite appointment when you are not on your cycle, and beginning your (included with peel purchase) at home regimen to ready your skin for your upcoming treatment. KEEP IN MIND: We do NOT accommodate same day Glam V Peel services- You must book a consultation first, and follow the regimen.


CONSULTATION                  $50



ANAL LIGHTENING         $250

COMBO OF BOTH               $300



UNDERARMS                        $250

INNER THIGHS                    $300


                *Packages Available

Prices are per treatment, and include a preconditioning lightening treatment kit (including an at-home lightening cream.) While great improvement is seen with one session, packages are available and are recommended. A series of 4-6 treatments is the standard recommendation. Schedule your in suite consult today, and your deposit will be applied to your service if you decide to move forward.


Schedule your consultation online 24/7 by clicking the book now button anywhere on our site. The consultation fee is $50 and can be applied to your first service if you decide to purchase either one session or our package.  

At your initial consultation, you will be dicreetly evaluated, and we will move forward with your purchase. The Glam V- Peel is fruit based, and includes our exclusive and safe lightening kit that contains no hydroquinone or kojic acid to be used in the time before your appointment. We will schedule your appointment for a date when you're not menstruating. All skin types and tones are advised to use our kit for best results before their appointment.. You will be given instructions on how to best prepare for your upcoming service.


On the day of your appointment, you can arrive to the boutique in loose clothing, without underwear. 

The Glam V- Peel will be administered by a trained professional in a calm, immaculate  environment for best results. The Glam V- Peel will be applied,

You can expect to feel a mild tingling sensation, and will be given the time to rest before your session is over. 

Once all is over, you will be offered water from your skin care professional.

You will then be given instructions for at home care. 


After your treatment, you can expect light to moderate peeling depending on the grade of peel decided by your skin care professional. We strive for results, but your skins safety is our utmost concern and great care is taken to gradually lighten your intimate area session. If all is well, you may schedule your next session in 3-4 weeks time. In between sessions, it is advised you continue to use your Glam Lightening Kit in conjunction with your series of Glam V- Peels until you reach your desired result.

Glam Lightening Kit is included and contains:

1- 2oz Lightening Cream

1- 2oz Intimate Wash

1- 2oz  Soother 

* This kit is used to ready the area for better results, and to help lighten in the comfort of your home.

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