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Reclaim The Look Of Lush, Healthy Hair

Are you experiencing hair loss due to genetics, tight hairstyles, hormone imbalances such as pregnancy, stress or illness? Hairline Recovery is the masterful technique of replicating real hair strokes creating fullness, depth and volume. Reclaim what is rightfully yours and feel confident again. Results typically last up to 18 months, but are entirely dependent on skin type and lifestyle.

We at Glam Body Sugaring Boutique offer a side effect free technique to give you the perfect hairline. Ending with a super natural result, you will feel pleased to leave our boutique with much more hair directly after the treatment. Monica offers three options of coverage for our revolutionary Hairline Recovery method that extends up to 2 inches beyond your existing real hair line.





We first start by drawing the hairline strand by strand to determine coverage. After you finalize the design, we numb. The whole process takes about 2-2.5 hours.

There isn't any downtime, however it will take about a week for your hairline to heal. Your color will get darker within the first week, and gradually lighten and achieve your desired color by the second week.


After 4 days of Dry Healing, we prefer grape seed oil for daily applications or if your skin gets itchy (normal healing processes) or scabs.

Please DO NOT wash, rub or touch your head for a minimum of 3 days & avoid sweating- those trips to the gym will have to be put on hold.

ON DAY 4 you may wash the treated area with water

ON DAY 7 you may wash the whole head with a gentle facial cleanser

For 30 days You MUST AVOID excessive sweating, exfoliation, scalp abrasiveness and strong UV rays. Tanning beds are a NO.

 Also, avoid swimming and facials for fourteen days

Please return for your TOUCH UP within 8 weeks, where the same process as your initial treatment will be followed.