K E R A T I NE    L A S H   L I F T


I Woke Up Like This!

YUMI™ LASHES are in a class completely by themselves! As seen on celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Karreuche, Britney Gastineau and MORE! This is a Beverly Hills staple, now offered in NYC at Glam Body Sugaring Boutique at both of our locations for my lovely clients!

YUMI™ Lashes is a 5 step treatment to LIFT, BOOST, LENGTHEN , DARKEN and VOLUMIZE your natural lashes without any damage! It truly is like a Push Up Bra for your lashes! NO lash Extensions ever needed again! Who wants stubby eyelashes like those you get when those lash extensions fall out? How embarrassing when they are all over your pillow!!

This treatment is perfect for anyone who doesn't like fake lashes, a fake look, or things stuck to their face.

Y U M I ™ Lashes is a unique technology from Switzerland that is

NOT an Eyelash Extension!


This is your own lashes MAGNIFIED! I woke up  like this!!



Covers your lashes with rich keratin and vitamins and you will have healthier lashes after this treatment!



Hypoallergenic and DOES NOT damage your eyelashes & lasts 2-3 Months - the natural cycle of lashes



Your natural lash grows in the same as it did before the procedure and more healthy! You can rub your eyes, wear makeup, wash your lashes, go swimming and in the sauna! Live a normal life!



There is no other lash lift company that can compare with YUMI! Our products contain no perming solution or formaldehyde.


The treatment takes about an 45 minutes to an hour, (I'm EXTREMELY METICULOUS!!!) a perfect lunch time procedure!



YUMI™ Lashes lasts about 8-10 weeks, the natural life cycle of an eyelash. As well as brightening and "lifting" the eye area the YUMI Lashes effect also has anti aging properties! A win win! The exclusive YUMI tint darkens and boosts the natural color of your eyelash so the treatment enhances and frames your natural beauty even more.

GLAM BODY SUGARING BOUTIQUE exclusively offers YUMI™ Lashes at BOTH of our boutique locations in a clean, glam atmosphere and treatment room dedicated to this procedure. Monica is a NJS|\NYS Licensed and Insured Esthetician, and Certified YUMI™ Lashes Technician and upholds the strictest protocols for safety.

Getting married? YUMI™ Lashes are EXTREMELY popular with brides, it takes you naturally from wedding to honeymoon. Whether you are waking up as the new Mrs. or lying on the beach you can be sure you will still be naturally you but with lovely, bright eyes!