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6x Certified In Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU)

Certified Tattoo Removal Specialist 

NYS Health Dept. Licensed Tattoo (PMU) Artist

NYS Licensed  & Insured Esthetician

NJ Licensed & Insured Cosmetologist

Certified Brow Lamination Artist

NYS Licensed Laser Technician

Advanced Body Sugaring Educator

Advanced Eyebrow Design Educator

Advanced Keratin Lash Lift Educator

Certified Master Body Sugaring Practitioner,  

Certified YUMI™ LASHES Technician,

Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation 




Glam Body Sugaring Boutique

Glam Body Sugaring Boutique Jersey City

Welcome GLAMazons! My name is Monica, founder and CEO of GLAM BODY SUGARING BOUTIQUE. To begin, I am an absolute lover of all things beauty. I would say I'm completely and utterly OBSESSED. From facials, to medical aesthetics to hair removal, I was- and am, all over it! I was the little girl in school giving my classmates beauty advice- my dream was to make my friends love the skin they're in! Years later, I followed this dream and became a NYS licensed Esthetician & Waxer. I graduated top of my class from the elite Atelier Esthetique School of Esthetics located in NYC. I fantasized and literally would go to sleep thinking about how I could potentially improve the skin of those around me, and step by step, month after month, I helped men and women appreciate their skin, embrace their skin, and ultimately LOVE their skin! As a Beauty Consultant, I will advise you on the direction we both agree upon for your skin journey. As an Esthetician, I will guide you into understanding your skin, and manipulating it to your advantage.

Lastly, as a Hair Removal Expert, I will educate you on the many different avenues available to you and tailor a regimen on your specific skin type and sensitivities along with hair type and texture. Amongst beauty consulting, skin care and hair removal, my newest and brightest star is BODY SUGARING. As a licensed NYS Laser Hair Removal Technician with 8+ years experience, I came to realize everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of hair removal without the costly price tag. There are many contraindications with laser hair removal depending on skin color, texture, hair color & texture, sensitivites and sun exposure. Although I do adore laser hair removal, it just isn't for everyone. Prior to laser, I was and am a licensed waxer. I can't tell you how many times I watched girls with beautiful skin before waxing, develop rashes, skin sensitivites, ingrown hairs, burns and bumps. Well Glamazons, NO LONGER is that the case. Body Sugaring is THE premier, affordable, painless answer to your hair removal goals.  


 OBSESSION! I am obsessed with sugaring hair removal, cometic tattooing..all things beauty! - I live & breathe it, all day, every day. I want to be the best - all the time & always - to my clients, going to whatever means necessary to make sure that happens & stays the norm.

I am crazy about the details – I constantly fine tune our experience together based on your feedback & my research.

I care about each & every one of my clients – I want you to have the best GLAM experience every single time, no excuses.

I've mastered the sugaring process - with years of experience under my belt focusing on only sugaring, I am happy to report that I have raised the standards for hair removal for the entire industry.

GLAM BODY SUGARING BOUTIQUE also offers professionally tailored skin care treatments in a glamorous atmosphere. Along with hair removal services, we offer Keratine Lash Lift and facials.

I offer a unique menu of all natural and scientifically proven high quality skin care treatments designed to nurture and deliver results, while our boutique studio ensures that each client receives the exclusive attention they deserve.

At our chain locations: Glam Body Sugaring Boutique and  Glam Body Sugaring Boutique Jersey City, we are proud to offer the latest in Cosmetic Tattooing Services including Cosmetic Tattoo Removals. Whether you're here for luxurious hair removal, cosmetic tattooing, decadent facials or uplifting eye treatments you're sure to be coddled and catered to accordingly.

Each of my services are custom-tailored to your individual needs with a meticulous and gentle touch.My product lines are carefully selected, uniting the purity of nature and the performance of science to yield the best results for your skin and treat a variety of skin concerns. Products are also available to purchase in my boutique.

Both modern and inviting, Glam Body Sugaring Boutique offers the perfect spaces to indulge and refresh. All treatments are by appointment. Book online and come enjoy a boutique experience for yourself!

I am happy and oh so proud to say I have found my calling in life. My passion. There is no better feeling than making someone feel amazing about themselves. My heart and soul is in every service I give, and after visiting I just know you will feel the enthusiasm and love I put into every session with you. You deserve to be the best "YOU', you can be! Let me help you and take you on GLAM Beauty JOURNEY! I promise, you won't regret it!

Wanna see what some of the newspapers, magazines and hottest bloggers in NYC have to say about my boutique and my extensive knowledge and talent for all things beauty?

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