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Comparing #sugaring to your current hair removal regimen..

Sugaring vs. Waxing

- no risk of burning - no chance of tearing skin - hair is pulled out in the natural direction of growth-minimizing breakage - requires less than half of the length of hair - all natural; no harsh chemicals or resins - completely sanitary - safe for sensitive skin - less pain and irritation

Sugaring vs. Shaving

- pulls the hair out from the root - no chance of cutting the skin - leaves skin feeling smooth  - lasts at least 10 times as long - upon regrowth hair is finer - leads to permanency

Sugaring vs. Electrolysis

- less time - less money - works better on large areas of the body - also leads to permanency

Sugaring vs. Laser

- less time - less money - less painful - also leads to permanency - can be used on any hair regardless of the type or pigment

You be the judge! As always, if you have any questions about body sugaring and live in NYC, don't hesitate to email me at #glambodysugaring

or visit our instagram @glambodysugaring

Stay Glam,

Monica Moyet for Glam Body Sugaring Boutique

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