Are You a Sugaring Virgin?

Better yet, are you an epilating virgin? Is the razor your best friend? 

GIRL!!! (or boy) It's time to throw that torture device away and get with the program! The sugaring program that is!

Listen. I understand your plight. A razor is oh so easy to come by. Just lather up and shave away. It all sounds so easy, doesn't it? The main problem is razors make superficial cuts on the top layer of your skin that can lead to irritation, or worse, folliculitus. Use a dirty razor and you will feel razor burn. Not to mention the unsightly hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) it causes. Horrible right?

If you've never epilated before and hear the absolute horror stories from your friends or co-workers after having a brazilian wax...I get it. Waxing is no better than shaving! Did you know that waxing actually causes ingrown hairs? That when you go t