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Are You a Sugaring Virgin?

Better yet, are you an epilating virgin? Is the razor your best friend? 

GIRL!!! (or boy) It's time to throw that torture device away and get with the program! The sugaring program that is!

Listen. I understand your plight. A razor is oh so easy to come by. Just lather up and shave away. It all sounds so easy, doesn't it? The main problem is razors make superficial cuts on the top layer of your skin that can lead to irritation, or worse, folliculitus. Use a dirty razor and you will feel razor burn. Not to mention the unsightly hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) it causes. Horrible right?

If you've never epilated before and hear the absolute horror stories from your friends or co-workers after having a brazilian wax...I get it. Waxing is no better than shaving! Did you know that waxing actually causes ingrown hairs? That when you go to the pricey boutique salon or those big name franchises and hand over your hard earned cash, you are almost 90% going to develop an ingrown hair, redness and bumps? Did you know that when you buy those serums they sell to help fight off ingrowns its just a waste of money because like i said earlier, WAXING CAUSES INGROWNS! How you ask? Because when the wax is aplied to your skin, it's applied in the direction of the hair growth. When it's removed, whether it's soft wax, hard wax, honey wax or even the new "sugar wax' (NOT to be confused with sugaring), it's always removed in the opposite direction! Because of this, your hair follicle is both broken off and whatever root the wax does adhere to is then distorted. Then... it grows back distorted and BAM! Ingrown hair. But waxing doesn't stop there. It also rips off the top layers of skin with the hair and thats why it's ever so painful. Anyone in the mood to waddle out of the spa after dropping close to $100? NO!

But there is something else on the menu, something sweeter and you may  or may not have heard of it. It's called "sugaring' and it's one of the oldest forms of hair removal known to man. Those ancients knew a thing or two about hair removal!! Sugaring is more efficient, the results are longer lasting, not to mention it's organic! There are no chemicals whatsoever in sugar paste. If you care about what you eat and what lotions you use, why aren't you concerned with waxing? Sugaring is HUGE on the west coast and also in the southern states. We are happy to offer what all the celebs and models are YOU!. Don't be left in the dust. See why sugaring really is the sweetest way to remove your hair! 

Come let me pour some sugar on ya!



Monica Moyet for Glam Body Sugaring Boutique


Visit our insta and say hi! @glambodysugaring

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