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What is a #Vajacial?

Have you heard about this new service called a "vajacial", "vafacial", "vag-facial" or more simply a facial for your privates and are curious? Maybe you have seen my posts on my facebook or instagram pages, and thought to yourself, "I want to know more, but I feel weird reaching out and asking questions".....

Well Glamazons, this blog post is for you! I offer the HOLLYWOOD #Vajacial:

So many of us put tons of effort into our looks, especially our facial skin care. We buy expensive creams and serums and masks...only to completely neglect our lady (or man) bits!

Our skin down there is JUST AS IMPORTANT!

After years of shaving and/or waxing (I have one word for #waxing...#INGROWNS!!!!) do you now notice tons of bumps? Has the skin gotten darker? Do you have an ingrown hair issue? Are you ethnic, and noticing your skin darkening and your ingrown and bump situation is worsening and the marks are not going away?

Then a vajacial accompanied with a sugaring session is for you. Sugaring is the only successful manual hair removal method that:

1. stops ingrowns in their tracks

2. allows your skin to breathe and cells to regenerate

3.removes all of the hair without breakage for a cleaner, smoother outcome

After years of neglect, don't you think it's time to do your privates a favor and get them in tip top shape?

Today I'll explain the ins and outs of a Vaja

cial, step by step.

After meeting with your esthetician, and going over all the logistics we will get you completely comfy and start!

First, you will be sugared. This is to remove all the unwanted hair and have a clear smooth canvas to work with.

After the brazilian sugaring I will then move on to the vajacial.

This is a seven part process including but not limited to:

Steam - Steaming further helps to open the follicles and ready your skin for extractions.

Extraction - This is where I go in and CORRECTLY extract every superficial ingrown hair.

 High Frequency- After the extraction process, its very important to go in and kill all the bacteria completely, so those pesky bumps don't stand a chance!

 Mask - This is applied to soothe and further cleanse the follicle.

#Intimate Lightening - a complete lightening of the vaginal area.

Hydrate- This is the last step that hydrates the skin and protects it from bacteria for the rest of the day as your pores close.

I also offer a cute, non irritating, hypoallergenic Glam Tattoo of your choice ( Lasts up to 3 weeks!!!) to reward yourself at the very end of the service!

AMAZING! I'm completely OBSESSED with this procedure and my clients are too!

Now that you know what a vajacial is, the uncertainty is out of the way. The whole process takes a little under an hour including the sugaring.

So, what are you waiting for?

Email me now to set up your appoinment, spots are filling fast now that the holidays are upon us!

Stay sweet Glamazons!

xo- Monica Moyet for Glam Body Sugaring Boutique

347-930-3125 #glambodysugaring

or visit our instagram @glambodysugaring

Also, check out my thorough editorial on #MYLOLA to read my in depth thoughts on my Vajacial! In Case you didn't know, ours is exclusive to our brand, that I personally invented!

My LOLA Blog read here.

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