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Remodel your skin with the SkinPen.

Why we're obsessed with the SkinPen Precision?

Monica strives to provide the very best to our clients, and the SkinPen Microneedling device is just that. SkinPen Precision is the only FDA approved medical microneedling device, and is unmatched on the market. No other device comes close to the results of the SkinPen.​ Delivering over 1600 microchannels per second, over a million per treatment, science backed with the validity that every single microchannel is hitting the correct depth to produce superior results each and every time. This highly effective treatment targets- signs of aging, acne scarring and pitting, along with stretch marks.

Who is it for?

The Skinpen Precision is safe and effective for all skin tones and types by addressing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and deep pitting, and to help decrease the appearance of stretch marks. This FDA approved micro needling device is the safest and most efficient way to naturally produce collagen and elastin.

Tell me more about how it works?

The science behind the treatment is that once the Skinpen touches the skin, it creates millions of microchannels into the skin which causes an injury. Our bodies natural defense is to release collagen and elastin to protect and heal itself.  Our cells then go to work dissolving our old tissue and scar tissue, remodeling the scar tissue utilizing the collagen and elastin, addressing the red and purple discoloration associated with acne scars, brown pigmentation associated with Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and stimulating the skins natural growth factors for complete tissue remodeling.

How can I benefit from this treatment?

While we do recommend a series of 6 Skinpen microneedling sessions to target optimal cell turnover and skin health while targeting your unique skin care needs and goals-after only one session, within a weeks time, you will see noticeable changes and positive results from your treatment. Gradually, as your body's natural healing takes effect, your skin will continue to improve. Check your calendar prior to booking- the side effects of this service is some redness, similar to a sunburn. Tenderness and mild swelling is not uncommon.

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